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Scott County Soil and Water Conservation District, Meets the third Wednesday of each month, 8am at the Scott Extension and Conversation Center.

Spring Lake Township

Spring Lake Township, Meets the second Thursday of each month, 7pm at Spring Lake Township Hall.

With summer showers, winds & storms.  Sometimes our lake things float off.  If you find a dock section, lose a dock section.  Or, if your canoe or paddle boat end up missing... Please feel free to post your requests on our Spring Lake Association Facebook Page at          Lost & Found.

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Prior Lake - Spring Lake Watershed District, Meets the second Tuesday of each month, 6-8pm at PL City Hall.

Spring Lake Association Update

As promised the Spring Lake Association (SLA) it committed to keeping you updated on issues that impact Spring Lake.  There are three updates we wanted to provide to you with links for more information

 Water Surface Use Management - The PLSLWD and Spring Lake Township held a joint meeting on the topic of Water Surface Use Management on April 15th at the Spring Lake Township Hall.   This was an open forum for concerned citizens to provide feedback for proposed regulation changes and additions to the water usage of both Prior Lake and Spring Lake.   After a presentation and group discussions of the proposed changes, the public attendees were encouraged to fill out a survey on various topics so that the task force would have guidance in their final decision.   The topics were mostly but not limited to increased law enforcement and education, no-wake zones in 150, 225 and 300 ft increments from the shoreline, and including Spring Lake in the High Water Level (HWL) no-wake regulation that currently exists at Prior Lake.  A meeting on April 27th at the City Hall will provide further information on this topic.  For more information -

Spring Lake has been designated an impaired lake based upon the standards set by the State of MN.   An open forum was held on Tuesday, April 14th by the PLSLWD.  The public forum is specifically asking for reclassification of Spring Lake from a 40 μg/L total phosphorus concentration to a 60ug/L total phosphorus concentration.    Although the Lake Association is an impartial observer in this process, the SLA leaves matters such as these to its members to make their own decisions and act upon them.   To research the matter further, please visit the website address below.  If you have concerns, approvals or objections, you can email Chris.Zadak@State.MN.US .   You have until May 5th to impact this approval process.  His contact information is also at the website below.   An alternate direction to the website is .

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Lakes Advisory Committee, Meets the third Tuesday of each month, 4:30pm at PL City Hall 

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Citizen Advisory Committee, Meets the last Thursday of each month, 6:30pm at the PL City Hall.

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