Our Mission:
To educate and unite the residents and/or users of Spring Lake located in Scott County, Minnesota, in a common cause of lake preservation and improvement.

Our Vision:
Spring Lake shall flourish in water quality, water health, environment impact, natural habitat for wildlife, recreational use all while making it a desirable location and enjoyable place for people to live and socialize.

Our Objective:
To support, educate and encourage lake users on an enjoyable and safe lake experience, through education, communication and social interaction amongst its community.

Our Promise:
The Association will work with all local, state, federal and sister associations in an open, transparent and honest dialogue.  Working together and providing a conduit for information will allow the Association to educate its members about upcoming events and potential issues.  Informing about the past, sharing the present, and discussing the future are its promise to the members and community all with the focus on the mission, vision and objectives of the Association.

2021 Goals: 

  • Provide communication to members that are important to Spring Lake Residents
  • Be a voice and represent the residents of Spring Lake to community leaders.
  • Improve Spring Lake water quality
  • Give back to community on issues that directly impact Spring Lake
  • Grow memberships to 175+ in 2021
  • Grow business sponsorship programs
  • Host social events that connect members together!

Spring Lake Meetings:

We are a governing board that meets monthly: you are welcome to join in on those meetings as often as you would like.

We hold an annual meeting in late April which provides our members with an informational update.

We are looking forward to a Great 2021 on Spring Lake!

2021 Photo of the Year

Winner:  Scott Knutson