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Citizen Advisory Committee, Meets the last Thursday of each month, 6:30pm at the PL City Hall.


Scott County Soil and Water Conservation District, Meets the third Wednesday of each month, 8am at the Scott Extension and Conversation Center.


Prior Lake - Spring Lake Watershed District, Meets the second Tuesday of each month, 6-8pm at PL City Hall.

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Minnesota DNR Lake Info, Information on all MN Lakes, Rules & Regulations.

Spring Lake Township

Spring Lake Township, Meets the second Thursday of each month, 7pm at Spring Lake Township Hall.


Lakes Advisory Committee, Meets the third Tuesday of each month, 4:30pm at PL City Hall 

The pictures below are from the Facebook Photo of the Week Competition the Summer of 2020

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August 27 Message

We wanted to share a few items that we recently received in an effort to keep Spring Lake clean!

  • A Letter from Camille Will, Watercraft Inspector
  • A Watercraft Inspection Checklist
  • A video about Our Lakeshore Connection, created by Anoka County Water Resource Outreach Collaborative and several local Lake Associations.

A Letter from Camille Will, Watercraft Inspector:
My name is Camille Will and I was a watercraft inspector, working on public landings, in Scott County for the summer of 2020! 

I’d like to start off by saying that the vast majority of boats I inspect are in compliance with all laws and regulations. That being said, I do occasionally come across issues that need to be addressed. The most frequent violation I encounter is people arriving with their drain plugs in. I’ve worked with Scott County’s Recreational Safety Deputy, Sheriff Jacob Edwinson, to try and educate boaters on this pressing issue. I’ve also started bringing an adjustable wrench with me so that boaters can remove their drain plugs at the landings, should they forget to bring a wrench of their own.

Another alarming problem I have been finding is that some boaters forget to drain their live wells and have mud and seaweed on their anchors. Although these things are not listed as things to inspect on the DNR’s iSURVEY form, I always check them anyway. It only takes an extra minute, and it can go a long way in helping to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species.

Keeping the boat landings clean is also important! Trash and recycling cans have been provided by the Spring Lake Association on the Spring Lake boat landing, and they really make a difference. 
Over the course of the summer, I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know all of the different boaters who use the landings. Many are regulars, and by now I know a lot of them by name. It brings me joy to see people using the lakes, and I’m happy to know that I played a role in their educational process and in helping to keep the lakes clean.

Finally, I wanted to thank the PLSLWD, SLA, volunteers, and responsible watercraft operators for everything they do to protect our lakes. The lakes wouldn’t be as clean, accessible, or enjoyable as they are today without all of your tireless efforts. I am a lakeshore resident myself, and I speak from experience when I say that your work means a lot to both the ecosystem and the community. Please continue to keep up the great work!

Camille Will
Watercraft Inspector

Watercraft Inspection Checklist for your reference:  


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Online Annual Meeting

Sunday, April 19

​​2020 Spring Lake Ice Out
March 30, 2020
Ice Out challenge winners!

  1. Andy Fellows
  2. Brian & Megan Alfred

Each winner will receive a $25 Gift card to Viking Liquor!

Leap Year Winter Party

Saturday, February 29

Boathouse Brothers Brewery

​July 3 Paddle Parade
Friday, July 3
Meet at 9 am

4th Of July Boat Parade
Saturday, July 4
Meet on West Side at 4 pm

Concert on the Lake 
Saturday, August 1

Pick Your Paddle 
​Monday, September 7, 
10:00 am

Light Up Spring Lake
Bonfire and S'mores

​Saturday, October 10
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A video about Our Lakeshore Connection, created by Anoka County Water Resource Outreach Collaborative and several local Lake Associations:                          
This is a great video to help us understand how to care for our lakeshore

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